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Award Winning Preparation

The Louigi Moto workshop is especially geared up to work on Ducati motorbikes. We also cater for other brands and have factory trained technicians who are qualified to work on Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Harley Davidson and Buell motorbikes. With that said, our reputation for fault diagnosis has also been tried and tested on many Japanese brands during our history.


Our service area contains three hydraulic ramps for quick turnaround of work. Opposite this area are two further ramps for long-term work such as racebike preparation, restoration projects and custom builds.

Louigi Moto is constantly re-investing in diagnostic tools to make our jobs easier and quicker and therefore less expensive for you. Our diagnostic station is like something from an operating theatre! We can check and print out the condition of your battery, pre- and post-starting. We can check and print out your CO2 and hydrocarbon levels, delete service lamps and check fuel pressure as well as perform simple checks such as ambient air pressure. We can even run your bike with the fuel tank removed using our custom built work station.

Engine Rebuilds and Overhauls

At Louigi Moto a large proportion of our work is engine building and development work.


The engine preparation room also holds a vast store of engine parts and ancillaries which are close at hand for our technicians. While not a true ‘clean room’ the large stainless steel work surface is spotless and allows us to keep a clinical control over engine builds.


Basic machining is carried out in-house but we have a network of specialist machining companies that we use for different applications. With Bristol being strong in engineering talent there is very little that we

cannot get made or modified locally. This trusted network has been built up over the years and these companies all meet our high levels of preparation.


Typical engine work carried out may involve bespoke base gasket manufacture, specialist valve seat cutting and porting, piston machining, head skimming, welding & fabrication, dynamic balancing, precision turning & milling and ultrasonic cleaning.



Performance Tuning On-site

Unlike other Dyno centres, we re-map cylinders individually giving you greater gains and performance.


It is recommended that a base setup is carried out first in our workshop before a custom map is made. This is because few modern bikes have been setup properly before leaving the factory. Fuel setup isn’t part of any Ducati Service Schedule, but at Louigi Moto it is an essential part of our service.

The in-house Dyno facility at Louigi Moto is run by Chris Steedman as a cooperative business alongside the workshop.


The facility consists of a Dynapro dynometer. Chris has the skills to re-map the original ECU on your bike with no need to buy a Power Commander or similar computer. This service can be applied to all ages and brands of fuel injected motorcycles including the latest Panigale, ZX-10 and S-1000 RR.



Problem Solving and Fault Finding Specialists

Our Dyno facility is a great tool for setting and adjusting air/fuel ratios but when it comes down to basic fuel injection systems, the Dyno cannot replace the human mind and diagnosis of component failure.


At Louigi Moto we go way beyond plugging in a ‘box of tricks’ that spews out gobbledygook information. ECU’s can naturally store ‘ghost errors’ which can be caused by faulty batteries, hiccups in systems, magnetic pickups not being seen just once, or simply switching the bikes on and off.


Diagnostic tools do not tell you something is at fault, so you have to know your parameters –

ambient air pressure and air temperature, coolant temperature, TPS reset? Is it linear or mechanical adjustment, coolant temperature sensors etc.


Once all the parameters are OK, what about dynamic compression and belt tension or throttle body synchronisation, injector flow & impedance, idle CO2 valve, hydrocarbon valve, oxygen sensor readings… all these settings have to work to certain parameters to make your Ducati perform.


We have proven ourselves time and time again on unequalled diagnostic work.

Bespoke Suspension Setups

Correct suspension setup is the most important factor in the ability to go around a corner fast and safe.


Over the years we have had to work with lots of different models of Ducati. The ergonomics and geometry haven’t changed that much during the evolution of the bikes but the setup has changed. So the setup of your 748 is very different to the 749 and likewise the 1098 and 1199 Panigale, probably due to the power delivery versus available grip.


Modern motorbikes are built to a price and the adjustability on some models is not available so adding a few simple parts allows us to set up the bike properly.

The other problem we find is a lack of feeling in the newer bikes. Manufacturers are fitting what we would call a trackday tyre to new superbikes. As much as it looks cool to have the latest flash looking tyres, sometimes fitting a different compound or type of tyre will radically change your riding on UK roads.


Our experience shows that fitting a conservative tyre to your 1098R will give better grip, longer life and more feeling in the chassis. Combine this with a suspension setup and you will have a sweet, usable machine.


Engine Performance Taken to a New Level

With any Ducati there are considerable gains to be made by engine upgrades or ‘tuning’. While some gains can be made by fitting aftermarket exhaust systems and correcting the fuelling, lots more can be achieved by letting us work some Louigi Moto magic on your engine.


With all of our tuning work, especially the Ducati two-valve motor and OHC four-valve and testastretta engines, we have a record of achieving substantial performance increases. Newer Ducati engines including the new Panigale also present opportunities for considerable performance gains.

We strongly recommend that your engine is dynamically balanced whether you are using your bike on the roads or on the race track. Substantial gains can be realised in correct compression ratio, true valve & seat sizing, combustion chamber shape and port shaping.


Louigi Moto and our partners have proven recipes to achieve these successes.

New, Used and Reconditioned Parts

The Louigi Moto parts store is a veritable Aladdin's cave of Ducati parts.


We can usually find exactly the right part from our own stock. We also have a network of independent Ducati suppliers to draw upon as well as factory provided spares, all of which are delivered on a next-day service to our workshops, meaning minimum delays for you.


Over the years we have amassed a large supply of Ducati parts for older machines. This means we can keep these older bikes on the road for many years to come.

Our stock always includes spare bodywork panels, wheels, exhausts, clip-ons, rearsets and all manner of engine components.


We are often the place people come to when they are looking for rare and hard to find items... and usually we can help!

Bespoke Parts and Whole Bike Projects

Louigi Moto has a long history of building bespoke and custom vehicles. Whether we are fabricating one-off brass footpegs or building complete custom bikes, with our skills and  network of engineering experts we are always happy to take on a challenge.


We specialise in making your bike just that bit different. Whether you want a custom paint job (see next tab), want to make your Monster look like a supermotard or you want to build a completely new bike, we can help.


Our engineering facilities allows us to manufacture bespoke items in-house. We can also set up small production runs if required.

Multi-Award Winning Paintwork

Whether you've had a small spill or want a full custom paint job, we can help.


Our long-term partners and neighbours at DW Automotive are the most skilled paint shop that we have ever used. Their awards speak for themselves and their paintwork has been featured in many, many magazines and calendars.


As they will tell you, the devil is in the detail, and a paint job is only as good as the preparation. Well, their detail is devilish and their preparation is godly!


There really is no way to convey the beauty of their work. You've simply got to pay us a visit to see some of their creations.



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