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Richard 'Loui' Llewellin

Managing Director


Known as ‘Loui’ to most of his friends and since the mid 90’s as ‘Louigi’ as his love of Italian bikes flourished. Louigi Moto was the team name when competing at club level racing and is now a limited company that has been trading for over 10 years. You can read the history page to find out a bit more.


Training as a master mechanic in Keynsham, Richard started RL Motor Services in 1986 which eventually evolved into Louigi Moto.


Richard has a colourful history in the custom car and hot rod scene having built and raced vehicles during the 1980’s and again built a reputation for helping to fix and tune cars for people in the scene. Indeed he is the topic of articles in many hot rod magazines of the time and was featured in a retrospective article in 2012.


Richard’s experience and passion is well recognised throughout the Ducati community both in the UK and abroad. He has built a company with an enviable reputation for fault diagnosis and from the earliest days of Louigi Moto, people have brought their problem machines to him.


What is apparent upon meeting Richard is his passion for engineering and his enthusiasm to help make your machine better.

Christian Perrott  CAE AMIMI

Certificated Master Technician


Chris started working at Louigi Moto in 2005, bringing a valuable spread of skills and experience from more than 25 years throughout the automotive industry. Chris is a factory Ducati trained technician with many certifications to his name. He has completed multiple technician training courses at the Ducati factory in Italy.


Like all Master Technicians at his level, Chris’ passion is meticulous attention to detail and this skill shows in the preparation and execution of every job. He understands that each motorcycle coming into the workshop is the owners pride and joy and treats every bike like it’s his own.


Chris is responsible for achieving the ‘Proper Ducati Service’ and hence the company motto of ‘The Way It Should Be Done’ has been born.


Chris became a director of Louigi Moto in 2010.




Abigail Budd

Financial Controller


Abi runs her own company, Blizzard Bookeeping, and also manages the day-to-day finances of Louigi Moto. She specialises in keeping the workers in line and making sure nobody is slacking!

Chris Steedman

CJS Racing


Chris has worked at and with Louigi Moto for many years. Having set up CJS Racing, Chris was looking for premises to run a motorcycle Dyno centre. At the same time Louigi Moto was moving to bigger premises and so the two have come together.


CJS Racing is a specialist engine workshop focusing on engine blueprinting, gas flowing and other performance elements such as crankshaft  balancing, reclaiming, cylinder head repairs, ECU reprogramming and Dyno tuning.


Chris provides a personal service, exercising meticulous attention to detail in blueprinting and rebuilding engines.


He understands that each project completed is the pride and joy of its owner and consequently lavishes painstaking care in all aspects of the service provided, including extensive preliminary discussion with the customer over specification requirements.


He currently has customers' engines and competition cylinder heads running in the British Super Bike Championships, Sound of Thunder, New Era and many other championships.


Award Winning Workshop with Factory Trained Technicians Specialising in Service and Preparation of:

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